Totally sludgy with distorted beats and a little music-box-esque melody that sounds like an illusion of delicacy, just providing moments of unsettling calm between strong-arm bass, here's 'Do Something' by Dipset.

My favourite line?"I can turn beef into sushi, these niggas say they G's cause they groupies, remember runnin through the streets with the uzi, nowadays I can get you killed from my jacuzzi." Gold.

Also enjoyed the rhyme of "do something" with "new something" – that was fun. In general it's full of menace and grit, containing in it a sardonic challenge, a dare for all detractors: do something.

It was premiered on DJ Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show, more than a month after revealing a new track for their 2015 return, 'Have My Money'.

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