Mitch Moore, who directed an unreleased Majical Cloudz video "about a year ago", has shared a post on Instagram in which he calls out The Weeknd's 'Can't Feel My Face' video for plagiarism, Hypetrak has reported.

"Because of creative differences, it never came out," Moore wrote. "But the production was large, and many feedback emails were sent out with private uploads of the edit. It's come to my attention that some body at the helm of a certain mega popular video must have seen one or more of these unreleased edits."

That somebody at the helm refers to the video's director, Grant Singer. In the video Abel Tesfaye performs at, before setting fire to, a club – a resemblance noted as "too uncanny" by Mitch Moore.

He ended the post with:

"My mind is a mansion of creativity, so this petty theft is nbd to me. BUT I'M STILL CALLING THE POLICE!!"

And here's the video for 'Can't Feel My Face'.