To kick off a new feature profiling both young, up and coming film directors as well as those who are seen as prolific and legendary in the industry, I've decided to start with one such director that has been some what of a personal influence in my own work. Having studied her work for my thesis I was lucky enough to get a chance to interview the then "Youngest Film Maker" at last years credited Sundance Film Festival. Marianna Palka's first feature length film Good Dick was an awkward comedy, tense, dark, quirky and passionate about its subject. It was a great way to start her cinematic debut and I look forward to seeing what she will come up with next. Marianna Palka is Co-creator of production company Morning Knight with actor Jason Ritter. In 2008 Marianna made her cinematic debut by directing, producing and also starring in her first ever feature length film, entitled Good Dick. The film won the New Director's Award at Edinburgh International Film Festival and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Good Dick is an idiosyncratic romantic comedy about a troubled, reclusive young woman; who rents erotic DVDs and the persistent video clerk who draws her out of her claustrophobic world by starting up a unique courtship with her. Not quite the sexploitation film its title might suggest, it is an unexpected romantic comedy following a young man on his pursuit of a lonely, troubled woman set in present day Los Angeles. As they become closer, her sexual antipathy is met with his unflinching optimism, until finally her aggressive defenses overwhelm them both and the relationship bursts apart. Profoundly affected by his presence in her life, she finds that she has the courage to face her dark past. You can check out The405's interview with Marianna here