Continuing with our Directors Profiles of prolific and inspirational new film directors, this week we take a look at film director Sean Conway. Punks, gangsters, druggies, dropouts, schizophrenics and sex addicts have all featured in Sean Conway's early work. He's about to progress from making shorts to fully blown feature films, but his portrayal of the world around him is likely to remain as twisted as ever. Sean Conway was born and raised on a council estate in Batley, a small mill town in West Yorkshire. Conway went on to graduate from film school at Northumbira University where he achieved a 1st class BA Honours Degree. His graduation film Rocco Paris premiered at the London Film Festival in 2005 and has played at over 40 festivals in over 10 countries and won many awards. Whilst he was still at University Conway sold his first feature film screenplay, Love, to the fashion photographer and founder of Dazed & Confused magazine Rankin (Lives of the Saints). Sean then wrote and directed the short film Rabbit Stories,a Third Films production which premiered at the London Film Festival in 2006, has played at over 70 festivals in over 20 countries and has been very successful being a finalist of both the Myspace Movie Mashup and BBC New Filmakers Award. In spring 2007 Conway was picked to write and direct a Cinema Extreme film. Funded by Film Four and the UK Film Council, Cinema Extreme is the most prestigious short film scheme in the UK. Alex and her Arse truck, a Third Films production, made its world premiere in spring of 2008 in Hamburg having screened at the London Film Festival 2007 and has already screened at 60 festivals across the globe. The film, which was also broadcast on Channel 4, has since won Best Cinematography Award and has been nominated for Best Short Film at the British Independent Film Awards. Sean completed Kings Of London early in 2008, an IWC production which he wrote and directed as part of the Coming Up scheme, which is premiered at the National Film Theatre in London in February of 2008 and broadcast in the same year on Channel 4. His latest short film Sloe Gin Nights, a Pinball Films production and part of the LunchFilm movement, premiered at Sundance in 2008 and he is currently developing a new short film I Love You to the Sky and Back also with Pinball Films. Conway has also penned two feature screenplays that he will direct himself. The first being Dog Knife Wife, a contemporary re-telling of the Jesus story and the other being Young, a toxic Romeo & Juliet story. Conway has directed two music video promos, A Place that Glows for Parisman and Floats around My head for Reset for Saturn and he is working on a multi-media Collaboration with Stephen Agnew and Justin Lockey entitled Ghosts & Lunatics. Sean has also had many poems and short stories published in various publications, notably Poems for the Retired Nihilist and Full Moon Empty Sportsbag. Winter of 2008 saw the release of his debut novella Song of Steve. Sean is currently writing his first novel The Science of the Beautiful. Sean is currently working on an exhibition of portrait photography entitled Shouting in their Sleep, a video installation celebrating the female orgasm called 36 Hotels and he is also currently co-writing a TV Series for the BBC with Paul Abbott. Stay tuned for an exclusive 2 part interview with Sean Conway and more making its way onto The405 soon! In the mean time check out our review of Sean Conways "Rabbit Stories".