Hold onto your highchairs because I'm about to shatter some misconceptions. CANADA is not a country in North America: they are a trifold collective of video artists. They are not Canadian, they hail from Barcelona, the city of artistic vitality. How are you feeling? Okay? Well, brace yourselves again as you are about to be confronted by their fantastically infectious brand of pop videos.

Watching CANADA's wonderfully playful music videos brings me back to a state of childishness and I had considered writing this column in the style of my adolescent self. However, regression is hard and doesn't necessarily lend itself to journalism.

CANADA is a visual arts company based in Barcelona, headed by its three directors: Luis Cerveró, Nicolás Méndez and Lope Serrano. In a time when music videos seem to be populated by sports cars, "waxed bitches" and lens flares, the Spanish trio have giddily carved out their own juvenile style of humour.

Their promo for El Guincho's 'Bombay', which CANADA themselves describe as, "a visual encyclopedia of contemporary lifestyle" garnered the collective international attention. That attention has allowed them to work with international artists outside their native Barcelona.

Their superb video for Battles' 'Ice Cream' is visually akin to what I imagine overdosing on Refreshers would be like.

Beautiful ladies in the bath licking ice cream, teasing bubblegum and eating bananas. They display more than a knowing wink towards fetishism. Luis Cerveró has previously joked that he had to google "NSFW" once the moniker became increasingly attached to their videos.

For all the exposed female torsos, it would be easy to dismiss their work as playful nonsense. However, keeping all effects 'in-camera' they show a technical knowledge, which lends the work "truth" as Lope Serrano clarifies. This combined with a consistent conceptual style, an ocular elegance and a creative audaciousness, make CANADA an artistic force. Nanna Øland Fabricius the Danish singer-songwriter better known as Oh Land even pushed back her schedule three months to work with the trio on her spectral journey through the video for 'White Knights' - quite the compliment.

CANADA's style is steeped in Luis Buñuel-influenced surrealism, exhibited by their rapid editing: they present vignettes of visual elegance fused to breach the subconscious. Seemingly absurd shots depicted with liberating lucidity, "Although we are conscious of some of our work being apparently random, truth is we are actually incapable of working without a bonding concept, a cryptic storyline or at least a loose excuse to make things work in our heads."

Although their more recent work, such as the futuristic video for Justice's 'New Lands', has seen CANADA break from their canon of fast-cutting snapshots to a more linear narrative structure, their work is no less innovative or dynamic. The video sees the directors create an 'ultra-sport' amalgamated from; American Football, Lacrosse, Baseball and Moto GP among others. Roller derby? Whether this is a commentary upon: the American dream, the underdog-story, modern consumerism or commercialised sport etc. I am unsure. But it is gloriously violent, highly entertaining and expertly shot.

Whatever you may think of CANADA's work, whether it be surrealist pop-art or technicolour nonsense, at least they show a lot of boobs. And everybody likes boobs. b00bs. See? Regression.

You can visit CANADA (not the country) at lawebdecanada.com. They are represented worldwide by Partizan.