A product of the Confetti school in Nottingham, Franklyn Banks has been around a while, assistant directing here and there. Great when you can get it, but during the lean times such intermittent work can bring he was a cloakroom attendant at Wembley stadium.

Recently he was an AD to Sam Brown on the shoot for a little music video called 'Rolling in the Deep' by someone called Adele. It won the Grammy for best (short) video, something which Banks is quite rightly proud of.

If you're looking for something which is his own resolutely then look no further than the video for 'It's My Part' by Jonquil. With lyrics like "It shines on me and it feels like the sun" this video suggest a beach setting, pastel colours, fresh faced band Bar-B-Q-ing and playing guitar and scantily clad women.

Instead what you get is spinning Hebrew pizza, a bucking bronco and odd/funny animal masks covering the bands fresh faces. It's hard to believe that's what the band were thinking of when they wrote the song.

"When I listen to a track first impressions are very important" says Banks. "I try and visualize find and alternative meaning to what may be the obvious first impression."

It comes off in the video, and it seems to be how he likes to direct:

"I try to make people feel uneasy, and do enjoy not giving a clear story. I love complete randomness, and people’s personal responses to that, but I do want to make artists feel comfortable and natural in the way they come across to people, all be-it in a slightly unusual way. Twisting lyrics to give them more that one meaning is appealing."

Banks has a strong relationship with Jonquil. He played in a band called House of Brothers which toured with them and from there he made their video for 'Get Up'. It's a great Olympics montage, which can make you yearn for a time a past which you probably weren't at, Tokyo 64, as well as naively be hopeful for the future and something you will be at, London 2012.

Despite being in held in Hipster central East London, the Olympics will look nothing like the video for 'Get Up' which is a shame. Because I like to get political I asked him his thoughts on whole extravaganza, and found out he thought exactly the same as I did:

"I consider myself a Londoner now, but I’m struggling to see what good effect the Olympics is going to have on the city. I like Boxing, and I love football, but the money that’s put in to these extravagant events could be much better spent in poorer areas of the city. I don’t think the media hype surrounding the Olympics is going to have such a positive long lasting effect on London as everyone thinks it will."

I also asked him to explain in a bit of detail some of his videos, but in rather enigmatic fashion, he declined, "I don't like to talk about my rational for my videos really, people can think for themselves on that." And with so much in them I sure they will.

Banks has also directed a few videos for folk outfit Boat to Row including 'A Boat to Row to You' - a vaguely more literal offering which ends with a heart being thrown off the pier of a grim and nondescript seaside town.

Banks has come a long way his first ever video (consisting of setting his best mate Jamie on fire then filming him jump a crate) and now he seems likely to step out of the assistant director role and in to the director’s chair himself.

You can visit Franklyn Banks by heading to his Vimeo page here.