Alex Zhang Hungtai, or Dirty Beaches to you and I, is about to release a new double album into the wild on May 21st though Zoo Music. Drifters/Love Is The Devil will be records of two distinct personalities as Alex explores genre skipping industrial blues on the former and more instrumental and personal passages on the latter.

Although, the whole set is thematically regarded very much as a single piece, recorded through the winter of 2012 in Berlin and Montreal.

Taken from Drifters, 'Casino Lisboa' is claustrophobic and mechanical, nightmarish and disorientating, and utterly brilliant. It sounds like it was recorded through a guitar amp in a reverb tank and spliced into an irresistible, endlessly rotating groove. Open up your will to be (just a little) weird and let this track in. If only for the organ solo that may or may not have been played by a foot.

Listen over at FACT.

Dirty Beaches are on tour in the UK from tonight in Glasgow through to the 13th in London. Highly recommended.