Dirty Projectors have been typically reclusive over the recent years since the release of their last album Swing Lo Magellan. David Longstreth released 'Keep Your Name' last year, which tackled his breakup while also sampling his own track ('Impregnable Question'). Then, just a couple of weeks ago they released the spellbinding 'Little Bubble', which also seemed to be about the end of a relationship.

Now Dirty Projectors have spilled the beans: their new album will be self-titled and is set for release on February 24th through Domino. It appears the split between Longstreth and former member and partner Amber Coffman has meant the band is now stripped back to a solo project, as it was originally. Despite this, Dirty Projectors' sound is more luscious than ever, as new track 'Up In Hudson' proves in spades. Spanning over 7 minutes, it incorporates a panoply of orchestration, as Longstreth tells the story of his and Coffman's courtship. Despite sharing the same topic, compared to the previous 2 singles it has a joyous tone and is actually a celebratory song; "an elegy to the Obama years, to a generation of indie rock, and to a relationship."

Listen to 'Up In Hudson' below, and see the track list for Dirty Projectors beneath.

Dirty Projectors track list:

  • 01. Keep Your Name
  • 02. Death Spiral
  • 03. Up In Hudson
  • 04. Work Together
  • 05. Little Bubble
  • 06. Winner Take Nothing
  • 07. Ascent Through Clouds
  • 08. Cool Your Heart
  • 09. I See You