Dirty Projectors bassist and singer-songwriter to the likes of Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear Nat Baldwin has decided it's finally time that some of his older demo work deserves an airing. And quite rightly so.

Dome Branches will feature demos recorded by Baldwin for his 2008 LP Most Valuable Player as well as older works that have never been released before.

The project will be released on November 12th digitally, on CD and on vinyl. Listen to the demo for 'Look She Said' here, which features Dirty Projectors' frontman Dave Longstreth on guitars an electronics in 2005.

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  • 1. Lake Erie
  • 2. Only to Find
  • 3. Dome Branches
  • 4. Black Square
  • 5. De-Attached
  • 6. One Two Three
  • 7. The Felled Trees
  • 8. Look She Said
  • 9. Mask I Wear