Within his home country of New Zealand, Lower Hutt-born electronic music Disasteradio (Luke Rowell) has had a cult reputation for over fifteen years. Since the early 2000s, he’s cultivated his own considered and emotional take on synth-pop, chiptune, and even vaporwave (as Eyeliner). In line with the internet/technology-centric obsessions that have regularly come up in his work, he was a very early adopter of the free online release format (shout out mp3.com), and has released some spectacular (and sometimes very viral) music videos over the years.

With ‘Oh Yeah’ (the latest single off his new album SWEATSHOP), Disasteradio pairs digitally manipulated spoken word (think: Kraftwerk) with massive rave synths, strutting drum machine funk, and a squelchy bassline with interstellar aspirations. It’s retrofuturistic and nostalgic in a very fun and childlike manner, and comes packaged with a space exploration themed animated video created by Disasteradio and talented director Simon Ward. Expect motion captured footage, HDRI imagery, space suits, space shuttles, alien planets, asteroids, and the pyramid-themed vaporwave sequences of many a Tumblr generation music producers dreams.

SWEATSHOP is available for streaming on spotify here, or free download (or donation) on bandcamp here.