Back in September vinyl purveying site Discogs, which celebrates its 15th birthday this year, announced that it would be launching an app for Android and iOS - and now it appears that it's with good reason that they're finally making the move, following some data revelations made to Billboard in celebration of their birthday.

Seems an odd way to celebrate. But what's a birthday if you can't show off and boast about yourself, right? Probably? Started as a hobby by Kevin Lewandowski in 2000, Discogs stated that in 2015 so far they've enabled transactions totaling $43.5 million; to put that into the context of the site (people selling to people), that is, for instance, the equivalent to 3,253,552 records sold - 3.25 million, if that's too many numbers for you.

And that figure we worked out using the average price for vinyl sold via the site in 2014: $13.37, the highest they've been since Discogs started tracking sales information in 2005, when the average record price was $11.25. The number of participating users has also increased exponentially to 2.96 million - compare that to 130,675 in 2005, or 3,273 in 2001.

Here's an infographic, which is easier to digest than words.