It's time to meet your new favourite artist.

Slovenlie was born in the back of a car, just outside of Newcastle and grew up in the musically grounded town of Glastonbury. Now based in the heart of south London where she has been putting her classical training to use, initially as a producer (inspired partly by the work of Bartók), Slovenlie now writes and performs her own atmospheric, wraith-like music, not too distant from the works of the likes of Grimes or Björk but with her own unique twist. Part of that twist comes from Slovenlie's severe obsessive compulsive disorder. "I have a mega OCD that affects all aspects of my life," she said in a press release, "including how I make music. All my programming has to revolve around certain numbers and patterns, which can make writing either quick and decisive or insanely slow and painstaking. Automation values will drive me to insanity."

With a deep, dark, eerie bassline and an equally complementing synth section combined with Slovenlie's icy vocal delivery, 'Disaster' makes for quite the introduction; an introduction we're happily and excitedly premiering here on The 405 today. Her vocal is slightly distorted and has a gloomy, murky sound that heightens during the chorus. Production-wise, we're given an insight into her OCD world which, despite its somewhat negative connotations, has its benefits in this context, creating a stunning indie pop record of grandeur.

Currently in the studio with Neil McLellan (The Prodigy) and Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers, Leftfield) expect much more from Slovenlie throughout the year and beyond. 'Disaster' is available now on iTunes while remixes from Max Cooper and Affelaye will be released on May 25.