Of all the albums of the year lists I've seen, I don't think I've stumbled across this one. Which one? It's LA-based producer Spazzkid's latest (and greatest) album 'Desire (願う)', that's what. Full of positive wonder, cutesy clusters of sound, wholly danceable beats, and a whole lot of bedroom euphoria shot through with echoes of loneliness born from that selfsame place, it's been the soundtrack to many mornings, car journeys and chilled nights-in. Originally from the Philippines, Spazzkid – real name Mark Redito – has amassed a sizeable following over the course of 2013, attracting attention from all the right places, and sharing his unbeatable bonhomie with everyone from fans to interviewers. He's a likeable guy who makes likeable music: what's not to like?

One of my favourites from Desire (願う) is a particularly beautiful song called 'Loving Free'. Dominated by syncopated synth chords and an addictive, clattering beat, the song showcases Spazzkid's vocals, wonderfully endearing and soaked in dreamy reverb, as he sings this celebratory love-song. Synth leads like lances of light pierce through the crashing chords towards the end, making the perfect accompaniment to the breezy marimba melody, as well as the cartoony vox patterns (sounding a little like KK Slider's "vocals" in Animal Crossing). A lesson in pop-hearted euphoric dance awash with intimacy, 'Loving Free' is a dynamically uplifting journey which helps casts cares and worries to the wind. When people get to make exactly the kind of music they want to make – and perhaps also want to hear, themselves – this is the result.

And if you liked that, you should definitely grab his album 'Desire (願う)', available as a limited 'name your price' download on his Bandcamp page.