It may not have the glitz and glamour of a High School Musical 3 premier – but is that really such a bad thing? The 7th Discovering Latin America Festival will see a selection of the best new documentaries, features and short films from an industry sometimes overlooked by the film world. Known for its low budget approach, not always out of choice, the festival offers Londoners a chance to explore a world far from our own. A world of untouched beaches, dust ridden dirt tracks and hard drinking grannies... For the more serious film-watcher both the Gala Nights and Q&A sessions provide ample opportunity to develop a deeper thematic understanding of the films from those who made them. However, neither the film-makers nor festival organisers will profit from the event, it was in fact set up to help fund grass root Latin American charities. This year’s proceeds will go to supporting AIDS prevention for women of the Dominican Republic. This two week festival kicks off on the 27th November and for full details please visit the DLA website ( For those who just can’t wait that long, Sunday 2nd November sees the festival’s launch party at Cargo, Shoreditch.