What was the most beautiful thing you witnessed this day? As I write this post I am staring intently at the shadows cast by my window frames upon the wall next to my bed.  The sun is in full bloom and the condensation on my window is evaporating with the caress of the sun's beams, made visible through flickering tides of shadow on the wall.  Many times I have stared at shadows, intrigued as the visible speed the sun journeys through the sky, and so I now watch as the shadow drifts serenely on by.  I glance at a single point and behold how my wall seems ablaze, not with fire, but with water molecules distorting the suns path, and melting its rays into the shadow, which has inspired and brightened my day.  Beauty is gained in the smallest of pleasures.  Why comatose in front of a television when the narrative of the world is performing right before our very eyes?  The sun has now positioned itself before my vision, I am blind, but it matters not, for I can hear the wind make instruments of trees, pan pipe interludes and juniper flute leaves, deep winters remind me how much I adore evergreens, emerald under the mid day sun... So, please share with us, what was the most beautiful thing you witnessed this day? Lewis.