For this months edition of 'Disposable 405', we handed a disposable camera to run,WALK! and guess what they did? They got on flight to America and played a few shows at a festival called SXSW. We have no idea what the festival is but maybe you do? Anyway, here's what went down.
Photobucket After a long night in London and a very long taxi drive we finally made it to the airport! Stop for a quick photo opportunity and off we go to be grilled by the American check in officers Photobucket I wish I took this photo when we were going over Canada instead, the views were incredible Photobucket We played a squat Photobucket There had already been 3 consecutive house parties there on the days before Photobucket Photobucket Our setup at the squat Photobucket Maps and Atlases from behind a fence (because I couldn't be bothered to queue) Photobucket Chicken/ Avocado taco salad Photobucket We got XX'd up everywhere we went for being underage and by the end of the week our hands were stained purple and black Photobucket Photobucket Adebisi Shank Photobucket DEATH METAL PIZZA! Photobucket Trash Talk destroying everything Photobucket The crew