It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned the name of Benjy Keating and his electro-dancehall project Palmistry, but he’s back in a big way with the help of experimental mastermind SOPHIE. Between locking himself up inside Mixpak Studios in Brooklyn, NY and time spent in Athens, Palmistry has been hard at work on his upcoming sophomore album titled Afterlife.

With the release of ‘Water,’ the first single from his new project, Palmistry offers listeners an enveloping sip of dancehall, but more grounded and minimal than anything from his 2017 LP PAGAN. Though ‘Water’ certainly expounds upon the modest tones explored with his hushed debut, SOPHIE’s producing prowess lends a confident spirit to the track’s minimal structure.

Enticed by Palmistry’s seductive words, “Gotta move your tongue, still feeling numb / And I'm going dumb / Just move your tongue, move your tongue,” the duo’s aqueous fusion of synthetic sounds and buoyant dancehall beats plunges listeners into a pool where the water feels more than just fine.

With Afterlife scheduled for a release in May, stream ‘Water’ above and follow Palmistry on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.