Label: Egress UK Release date: 03/08/09 Website: This collection of songs is from the jangle and swagger school of rock and appears to have a loose theme of travel into the unknown as suggested by the EP’s title. The first track is a drum and bass heavy plodder with an annoyingly memorable chorus/refrain and some spoken word commentary about the dire nature of holiday cruises. The next track ‘Shackerley’ is led along by a bright, crisp guitar part with softly spoken slightly melancholic vocals and appears to be about the emptiness inherent in modern life and the need to escape. The next track is more unsettling with a wide wavering bass part and half spoken half sung vocals that speak of being on an environmentally hostile planet. This gives way in the last part of the track to a melodic single guitar part, which slowly fades away accompanied by some more vocals now tempered somewhat. Final track ‘The Hardest Man In Alaska’ is a slow burning journey through the exploits of the titular woodsman in which the drums and guitar lines tumble between the vocals. Although there are some good elements here, the whole thing doesn’t feel very polished. Of course that’s not always a bad thing but the EP generally didn’t excite my interest. I didn’t like the vocal style either, especially on track three where I struggled with whether they were intentionally bad. It all just sounded a bit too much like a band you might hear down the pub. Rating: 5/10