The first signing from Vagrant Records since they took on the international success that is The 1975 comes in the form of Dive In, who deliver equally strong synth-pop goodness on their brand new single 'Eighteen', their first new track in a year. It comes from their debut EP of the same name, which drops on 25 May and is chock full of epic jams that seem like they could fit just as easily on an arena stage as they would a dimly lit, tiny venue.

There are sparkling synths and huge hooks abound, and frontman Matthew Guttridge said in a press release that "Eighteen was born from a loop pedal jam in our old residence". They're all residents of Glastonbury, and he added that the festival was an inspiration for the song as well, adding "it was inspired by another day of watching the village's festival fences go up. It was the product of excitement and the, what some may call delusional idea that we could one day amount to the successes of the bands/aritsts that descend upon our village each year." 'Eighteen' was produced by the band and Andy Green (Keane), and you can stream it below.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Into The Blue
  • 2. Eighteen
  • 3. Promise
  • 4. Can't Hold Me Down
  • 5. Lost (In The Blue)

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