Twen are the duo of Jane Fitzsimmons Ian Jones, who cut their teeth in the Boston DIY scene before decamping to Nashville. Even though they're a fairly new band, Twen have already shown their dedication to making music their full time gig; they have released their first ever performance as a live EP, rented out their rooms while on tour, screen-printed their own merch and even taken payment for performance in the form of skydiving lessons.

That hard work and dedication has paid off, as Twen has been signed by Frenchkiss, who will release their debut album Awestruck on September 20th. The announcement comes alongside the release of new single 'Damsel', a powerful and tumultuous rock song that comes out glowing like a jangle-pop great of yesteryear. The duo soon take the opportunity to show off their melodic chops, as Fitzsimmons' voice washes brilliantly against Jones' chords, making clear Twen's ability and desire to be playing on big stages very soon. Check it out below.

Twen's debut album Awestruck comes out September 20th through Frenchkiss.