I love this video. This is a Halloween special for Dizzee Rascal in the form of 'Couple Of Stacks'. In it he is machete-wielding, yellow-raincoat-wearing (wipe-clean, innit), his head spins not just 360 but probably 1080 or something, he cuts throats, chops heads… and a load of other things… oh, he pulls someone's heart out, Temple of Doom style.

It literally is a hotbed of gory, graphic violence and you'll love it (if you like that kind of thing) or hate it (if you hate that kind of thing), but nevertheless the track itself is murky, and from Dizzee's first line – "Kill you, kill everything you stand for, cause you're a bitch and a manwhore" – it is a superb performance throughout, with other lines citing as much gore as you see throughout the video.

This video will self-destruct at midnight on Sunday, so um, watch it quickly-ish.

You can watch it, but only over at Noisey, so go there. However, you can watch the preview for it below.