Hoping lightning strikes again, DJ Khaled has shared a new track titled 'No New Friends' from his upcoming release Suffering From Success, featuring the lineup from 2011's summer hit, 'I'm On On'. It’s almost a shame that we have 'I'm On One' to compare this track with because 'No New Friends' doesn't surpass this previous effort nor does it match that creative level.

'New Friends' reunites Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne, each getting a verse. Of the three performers here, Drake is the clear victor, sounding fresh and energetic on his verse and singing the hook throughout the track. Ross and Wayne sound more low key, whether they're just now up to par or just being more careful after recent events in their public lives. Production from Boy-1da and Noah '40' Shebib has no inspiration. For what is intended to be the summer jam this year, there seems to be a lack of fire here. Staccato synths over an average beat propel the song, but do little more to achieve something bigger. Could it be there were just too many creative hands involved? The only surprise on this track is an uncredited (?) cameo from Future at the end.

'No New Friends', a lyrical jab about keeping their current posse intact and tight, sounds too much like these artists are going through the motions when we know they are capable of more.