24-year-old Dijon McFarlane is on top of the world; the Hip-Hop world at least. If you're looking for a hit, DJ Mustard should be at the top of your list. It's damn near impossible to turn on an urban station and not hear that signature "Mustard on the Beat, hoe!" tag (which was actually born from long time collaborator YG's 2010 track 'I'm Good'). Wireless Festival weekend begins in less than 24 hours and the city (and Birmingham) is slowly filling with US musicians looking to take to the stage over the coming three days, and of course with that comes the promo run.

DJ Mustard's breakout began in 2011 with Young Money's Tyga and his 2x platinum selling single 'Rack City'. Since then, Hip-Hop heavyweights such as The Game, Rick Ross and Meek Mill have worked with the LA-based producer, increasing his popularity tenfold in recent months leading to collaborations with R&B vixens Tinashe, Jennifer Lopez, Keyshia Cole and even one Justin Bieber. There's even talk of submissions for Rihanna's severely delayed eighth studio album (I say severely as it's become the norm for Rihanna to release an album a year). Still Mustard seems unfazed by it all, happy to keep working with his unique circle of friends and... quite frankly anyone interested in working with him.

While his mate YG is held a few metres away at BBC Towers, DJ Mustard is in a studio around the corner, just off of Oxford Street. Dressed almost head to toe in Tumblr favourite H.B.A (Hood By Air) and keeping himself quietly occupied on his phone (I sincerely hope he has a good international plan). Unlike some of his peers there's no hanger-on's and no bodyguards or anything like that and for someone with multiple songs on various Billboard charts, it all seems very calm and collected. Ahead of two headline shows and a spot at Wireless, Mustard talks future collaborations, signing with Roc Nation & meeting Jay Z and his "ratchet" musical legacy.

Hey Mustard, how are you?

I'm good!

You've got a gig at the London Edition tonight and another solo spot at Birthdays later this week. What can we expect from a typical DJ Mustard set?

Just playing a lot of my records and having a good time, really. Nothing too special or spectacular...

Will you be stopping at the Wireless Festival while you're here?

Yeah. I'm going to be performing with YG.

Is there anyone else you're hoping to catch while you're there?

I wanna see Kanye.

Anyone else?

I wanna kinda watch everyone. I don't really know the line up like that. I know Kid Ink is performing but I don't really know the line up.

Billboard one stated that you've started a "ratchet revolution." Do you own that? What do you say to people who say that?

It's cool. I don't want anyone to put me in no box and say I just do ratchet music because I do everything. It's cool though, they noticed me at least. I just do music.

Some of your peers (Mike WILL Made It) and people who have influenced your career (Lil Jon, Too Short, Dr. Dre) have gone on to work with more mainstream pop stars looking for a new sound. Could you see yourself doing that and crossing over into the mainstream?

Yeah, I'm interesting in doing everything. I want to do everything, there's nothing I don't want to do.

Mike WILL, for example took a lead role in producing Miley Cyrus' latest album Bangerz. Could you see yourself doing something similar?

For sure.

Is there anyone you have your eye on at the moment?

Not just yet but I definitely want to get involved. It's not that I don't want to do it; I just haven't found the right person to do it with yet.

Who are you working with at the moment?

I'm working with everyone! I just finished my album so I'm back to making beats n' stuff for everybody, Working on more YG records, finna start working on Ty Dollar $ign's new record and Nipsey Hustle's new record.

What's your favourite record out at the moment?

I like Calvin Harris' 'Summer'. I really like the song.

Is there a song you wish you made?

I wish I made Drake's '0 - 100'. I just like that beat.

Did you always want to be a producer?

Nah, I kinda wanted to just be a DJ and then when I picked up the producer thing I used it as a hobby. I just stuck with it until... it just caught and I kept doing it. Now I'm back to DJing because I took like, two years off to produce.

You're signed to Roc Nation. What prompted you to sign to them over others?

I just liked the way they operated over other labels. I don't want to get lost in a label. I just thought it was a smaller roster so they would pay more attention to me. I just went there because I liked the people there.

There's an ongoing debut about whether producers should remain behind the scenes. You've had five singles, an EP and your album is on the way. What are your thoughts on going from behind the desk to in the booth?

I think... it's great for producers to have an outlet where you can just be yourself, being able to put their own albums out. That's your own art, you're not, like, painting a picture for an artist no more, you're actually putting out music that you like and you think the people will like. It's giving you a chance to take a chance and do it for yourself.

Wayne Hector (producer/writer for Britney, Nicki Minaj, Pussycat Dolls) once said producers and writers are just frustrated artists. Do you agree? Did you ever want to be an artist yourself?

Nah. I was just a producer and DJ. When I figured out that I can DJ in front of crowds like rappers do I said "Why not?" I like to do it and it was something to do.

Is your album finished then?

Yeah, it's all done. It's coming this summer.

Any collaborations planned?

Yeah everybody. Nipsey Hustle, Ty Dollar $ign, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, YG... a lot of people.

Is there a different process when making music for your own album compared to working with others?

Yeah because you don't... You're basically doing what you want. It's not like nobody is telling you what to do or how they want it to sound, it's how you want to paint your picture to the crowd.

What do you listen to in your off moments?

I listen to a lot of Drake. And Jay Z.

Have you met Jay yet?

Yeah, we met.

Any talk of a collaboration?

Probably. We just talk. I don't really try to force records. We just talk. We have a relationship where we can just talk to each other.

Are there any UK acts you're feeling at the moment?

I like Disclosure. They're dope, real dope.

When the music is all said and done, what would you like your legacy to be?

I just want my music to last forever. I want that to be my legacy. What I've done for the music game and how I changed it.