When the summer rolls around, sometimes you just need a cute little joyous track and some good vibes. And if you are in need, then look no further than Livingmore. This LA-based duo, composed of Alex Moore and Spencer Livingston, is working on a debut LP to come out later this year, but they just dropped a delightful single entitled 'Never Slow Down.' The 405 is fortunate enough to be sharing the video for that single today, and an adorable turtle is at the forefront of the proceedings.

"The video was directed by Kansas Bowling and shot with 16mm film," says Livingston. "The star of the video is Alex and our pet tortoise named Nerdle and actually calling him our pet is a great understatement, he's much more like our child. The song is really about moving forward and never looking back and it just made sense to have Nerdle going on a little adventure. It seemed like a funny contradiction to use a tortoise for a song that is about moving fast. It was also quite convenient that we already had a tortoise and no tortoise casting call was needed."

Soak in the sweetness and check out the video for Livingmore's 'Never Slow Down.' Then, keep your eyes on the horizon for Livingmore's debut record, due out later this year.