"I was 17 and we had an old Glockenspiel that I'd stolen from the music department" Rob coolly claims. The majority of us can remember a time when the music department at school was busy being arsey, generally because someone else had nicked something or other, or played 'rubbish' loud music in the practice rooms through the teachers lunch hour. And now it turns out that the fun-loving Rob Milton and his Dog Is Dead cohorts were one of those groups who made said teachers grumpy and shifty when you had your music lesson. His intentions were good though, we ought to add, besides, he was trying to create a "kind of hometown blues song" with the anthemic and aptly titled 'Glockenspiel Song' which features on their upcoming debut full length, All Our Favourite Stories. It's questionable that this was the most rock star thing that ever happened for a band like Dog Is Dead who seem so fun and chilled out, but there's a slight twinge in his voice that suggests maybe they've learned their lesson and might nick something more valuable and desirable instead of, well, a few bits of tuned metal in a plastic tray.

Chatting as he travels to London from the band's hometown of Nottingham, he's clearly very happy with how the album's turned out. "We're all so proud" he's happy to announce. "It's made a natural progress, and grown up with us really, and I hope that comes across." Perhaps the reason this band work so well is something to do with their honesty and trust in each other since leaving school and starting to make music professionally. They're happy to admit that when they went to "this big posh studio in London," that it wasn't entirely right for them, so they hopped home and recorded in the industrial estate close to where they live and recorded their previous demos. Again, they don't scream rock star, but maybe that's because that's not where they're aiming at all.

Of course like most bands of today, they're happy to all do "stupid stuff and not work in a bank." A 5-a-side football tournament whilst they were touring a few years back was something they put their heart and soul into, despite the fact they got battered in every match, an idea Rob now claims was "the stupidest idea we've ever had." "It definitely wasn't grebs and indie-kids wearing their skinny jeans and pointed shoes like we expected- they were proper teams! Harvey nearly broke his leg one time." But would they do it again? "We'd like to. We need to find something we're good at this time…."

This Summer, they were spotted having a kick about at various festivals – one epic summer memory for Rob being when Harvey "hit some little kid in the face," resulting in him taking a pounding with a round of 'dog's arse', or 'stinger' as they call it. As a bystander at said event, I can personally confirm it was potentially one of the funniest things I've seen this summer. Next festival season, it's worth keeping an eye out for the band blending into the festival masses with a ball and their cheeky grins.

Sooner than that though, they're clearly keen to show off what they've laid down on their debut, particularly the "U-turns" as Rob puts them, of 'Get Low' and 'Any Movement' which are darker. "A lot of people have us down as this one-trick upbeat sunshine band, which is lovely, but there's two sides to growing up aren't there and I hope we've captured that." To enjoy the album though, Rob's keen to tell you to "drive into the sunset… through the troubles." It's one for friends, big gatherings and any weather too according to Rob, which leaves you wondering why this is being released in October. Early summer and it could have become a much-loved 'festival' album, so we'll just have to hope it doesn't get lost amongst the grim and chilly Autumn that's arriving. If you find the anthemic sweet spot of the album though, you'll discover a secret second summer that can't be brought anywhere else.

Dog Is Dead's debut album, All Our Favourite Stories, is out on October 8th (buy from: Play.com / HMV.com)

  • October
  • 23 Manchester Academy 3
  • 24 Birmingham O2 Academy 2
  • 25 Newcastle The Other Rooms
  • 26 Edinburgh Electric Circus
  • 27 Glasgow King Tuts
  • 29 Dublin O2 Academy 2
  • 31 Bristol Thekla

  • November
  • 1 London Scala
  • 2 Exeter Phoenix
  • 3 Brighton The Haunt
  • 6 Leeds Cockpit