18 year-old Canadian producer dojo. drops some musical finesse in the form of 'SAY THAT!' A largely instrumental cut, 'SAY THAT!' is a sparse, piano-lead future R&B cut that tingles and flutters through its three minutes. It probably deserves some vocals so let's hope someone picks up on this and does just that.

We asked dojo. about the track, and this is what he had to say:

"This track was completed shortly after my first live show. I was inspired by seeing so many people grooving to tracks that I made and I wanted to create a song that would make people want to smile and dance when they heard it. This track just represents what happiness sounds like to me. The horns in the later half of the song are semi-inspired by spending the past 4 years playing trombone in my highschool's wind ensemble, I wanted to include the warm yet feisty sound of the lower horns to give the track more of a bite. This track is dedicated to the fans and I hope this is what happiness sounds like to you."