We like dojo. – he's an 18-year-old producer who regularly kills it with his combination of beats 'n' synth, decorated with ornamental sounds so delicious they actually make you salivate.

Most recently, yesterday, he shared 'flower power', "a song about plants, new friends, stickers, animals, going to bed late, biology, burritos, waking up early, my girlfriend & visiting home," he says in the description of the track on SoundCloud. That's a lot of things for a song to be about.

It's a tract of rapid-fire staccato synth chord stabs, sometimes altered with fluttering tremolo but looping for the most part, set with myriad gems and jewels in the form of beats, percussion, and samples (drip sound, something like a dice being rolled, a dog barking, a cat's meow). As usual for dojo. it's clean and bright, the whole thing chiming like a glint of sunlight as much as the little chimes that glitter throughout the track itself.

You can purchase 'flower power' on Bandcamp should you so wish.

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