Montreal band Doldrums have just announced that they are going to be releasing an album on Sub Pop called The Air-Conditioned Nightmare.

I had an air-conditioned nightmare once. I was very hot in a hotel room in St Lucia and turned the air-con all the way up and then we couldn't find the remote for it and ended up being freezing all night and I was convinced a ghost had stolen the remote because we couldn't find it anywhere. We slept fully clothed under duvets and blankets in fridge-like conditions when it was like an oven outside. The moral of the story? Don't put air-con on such a cold setting because you might lose the remote control to turn it off when it gets too chilly for ya.

Anyway. That's that. (The name actually comes from a 1945 collection of essays by Henry Miller). And, fun fact: he once made a mix for Under The Radar in 2013 that was also called "air conditioned nightmare", so the name has been clearly bubbling around in Mr. Woodhead's mind for a while.

Speaking about the album, band leader Airick Woodhead explained some of the inspirations behind it:

"Conflict is at the heart of this album. There's a lot of paranoid sentiment and Dystopian imagery in there. The threat of a mundane reality ties it together, as does an obsession with plasticity. Songs come from specific feelings or images. Anxiety is my default state."

And they've shared the first track taken from the album, 'Hotfoot' – a cross between noise music, with grinding crunchy synths, and rave rhythms: a kind of post-rock weirdness with echoing slapdash vocals punctuated with a bloopy cascade of electronic percussion. Listen below.

The Air-Conditioned Nightmare is out 6th April (EU) and 7th April (US). You'll find the tracklist at the end of this post.

  • The Air-Conditioned Nightmare tracklist:
  • 01 Hotfoot
  • 02 Blow Away
  • 03 Funeral for Lightning
  • 04 We Awake
  • 05 Video Hostage
  • 06 Loops
  • 07 iDeath
  • 08 My Friend Simjen
  • 09 Industry City
  • 10 Closer 2 U