This week I drank from a nice tall copper glass of NOPE. Ah, yes! 'guns' and 'war' - there you are. I'd forgotten to be mad about you all week. Because? Sinead O'Rebellion! Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behaviour. Thank you to Amanda Palmer for sending an open letter to Sinead O'Connor about her open letter to Miley Cyrus about her open, err, legs/mouth/vagina.

I am going to start writing open letters too. "Dear Eleanor, it is with great sadness that I noticed you were wearing a too-tight-for-you-tube-top in public yesterday, what this says about women really troubles my heart. Thank you."

No one really liked how September went down for a wealth of reasons, occupational and/or personal. The month of Rocktober, Octsober, Octoshmishmorshin has arrived. There is an oceana de-la-talent roaring ferociously outside. So perhaps we tilt our heads, words and thoughts in that direction?

Just remember that no matter how bad life actually gets, Lorde's performance on Fallon will always remind us of this.

Yolo for $$$

A letter, within a letter, within a letter, letter-ception. At least the age of 'subtweeting' seems to have submarined itself. No more under-the-covers bashing. Out, loud and hella-proud, we ride! The cards are being sprawled on the table and I am no tarot-fundi but the only letters that came to mind were "F U M C". I'm very pleased that letter-writing is back though you guys, hey? Let's pin it down to all the years of suffocating ourselves with the proverbial pillow to the proverbial mouth.

Thought-pieces > than 140 characters. The lungs are breathing again and the words a'flowing! I am riddled with a clear set of opinions about musicians vilifying feminism but this all just seems, YAWN. I also get that pop music can/must connect to a lot of people - that is the whole point of it all. The same reason why Crocs are still worn and McDonalds McNuggets are still being murdered by mouths. (Speaking of which... I miss Adele) Now let's heave in anticipation because I'm really looking forward to Ani DiFranco/Tori Amos/90s female performer jumping on the dildo of self-referential publicity stunts.

Pay, Pal

Paul Cantor, the music producer/writer/editor for AOL, MTV, Billboard, Village Voice et al. wrote just about the only open letter I care for this week. The piece boldly spewed proclamations about the taboo of paying for music, movies, newspapers and magazines again. Like cheese to an iron-grater, the decade of the download is on the chopping block kids! This week we were prompted to atone for our previous low-life of sinning and urged to throw away pre-conceived notions; just because something is obtainable for the price of nothing, does not mean we must procure it, you bargain-cretin, you.

My sentiments are shared with Mr Cantor in that, comparatively speaking, songs and movies that cost majalamillions of dollars to make can be rented/bought for a meesly $1-3. Irrespective that we've become musicfatty's wanting to just guzzle up everything and anything we can get our grubby ears into - there is no excuse anymore. This obese rate of consumption is growing. Stop feeding yourself with the free peanuts, Jim. Tuck into your moral compass and set the dial straight toward 'giving back', "Because these systems are vital to the creation, transmission, consumption and exchange of ideas. And those ideas are what make our society great."


Oh Coconut Records' Jason Schwartzman! Ye hath weakened thine knees and hurried thine name-carvings into old-wooden school desktops. As I lay on the altar for YouTube - their first official music awards nominees will be released on the 17th October. The google-h of online video is at an all-time win (is it still winning if there really isn't much competition?).

By enlisting the help of Spike Jones as the Creative Director, it was revealed he just really wants to make the whole night about live collaborations. The 90 minute event will be streamed live on YouTube and then it's Lights! Extravaganza! Streaming! Arcade Fire, Lady Gag-a and Emi-what'shisname to perform live. I'm waiting, with Mutton and hand-carved idols.

Taming Lips, Flaming Impala's

Boy-oh. This isn't the remake of a 1960s Japanese dubbed action movie. This is, Tame Impala and Flaming Lips teaming up for an EP this October/November, to, which, is inherently clever. Bravo record execs you saucy minx's! In other music news that doesn't make me yawn, the guitar on track one of the new Mazzy Star album just snatched my little soul from my tiny beating chest. You'll be 84 years old one day, living in a tiny town, in a small cottage, swinging back and forth on your chip-painted front porch, whilst the steam from your hot cocoa mists up your reading glasses, you take a nature-filled breath of Autumn's leaves. To your right, the love of your never-ending life sits snoozing, you sigh and let the corners of your mouth creak upward. Staring out into the open expanse laying in front of you - is what Mazzy Star's new album feels like.

Other notable streams I devoured this week were Four-Tet new album Beautiful Rewind, Nicolas Jaar's Darkside album Psychic, and of course PAPA's Tender Madness. My eardrums were raw, but a good kind of raw, like the satisfaction after riding a white stallion on a beach.


Nu-Uh! Say WHA! I thought I'd be lazy and do a buzz-feed on you this week. It all sounds so provocative, but it's just really a blinking-review of 5 tracks that are being far from, the worst. I lapped these up...

The Juan MacLean - 'Feel Like Movin': If you don't feel appropriately 'Friday', then throw Juan MacLean into a bubbling broth of creative juices. Now add one part Nancy Whang, the former member of LCD Soundsystem and you'll feel, like you can't stop movin'.

White Denim - 'At Night In Dreams': Arguably the tastiest sip you'll have from Corsicana Lemonade so far, 'At Night In Dreams' from the new White Denim album.

MØ - 'Never Wanna Know': Likened to a love-letter to The Ronettes, the second release alludes to a heavier-hearted coo "I never wanna know the name of your new girlfriend." Shame. Poor sod. On a scale of 1-Adele do you think she'll be okay?

Son Lux - 'Easy': In ode to next week's feature interview with multi-instrumentalist Ryan Lott, of which I had the boastful-pleasure of doing, 'Easy' dives right into the heart of his forthcoming album Lanterns (out October 29 via Joyful Noise). It's super smooth and voluptuously fluid.

Sebastien Grainer - 'Going With You': Previous band member Sebastien from Death From Above 1979, lets us in with a synthy jolly-jammer, exhaling comfortably into a pathway toward a solo career.

Since replacing vowels/getting rid of them entirely is all the hyp; tl nxt wk asshlsbrths

Yours, ripe in season.

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