Dutch-born, LA-based artist The Nicholas has a great philosophy: create “pretty ideas with ugly sounds.” What he doesn’t mention in that mantra is that his vocals are downright angelic, offsetting anything remotely unattractive; the result is usually some version of intoxication. His debut EP boasted gentle soft rock and his following release felt more mature yet took itself less seriously; only professionals can really pull off slacker rock. Today, The Nicholas debuts his brand new single 'Teardrops', with sounds so gorgeous, his next EP is guaranteed to be nothing short of a hazy dream.

'Teardrops' is the lead single from The Nicholas’ forthcoming EP titled Sonder, which references an obscure term that describes the "realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." It is a specific self-awareness, one that has followed him around from release to release, now manifested in this new single that could easily be compared to chillwave royalty, 'Washed Out'. The heartache of vague, warm emotion mingles with thoughtful synths until the very final: “I don’t know what I’m feeling but you’re on my mind.”

The Nicholas will put out his new Sonder EP later this year. For more information, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.