The trains are chaos. Leaves are lying all over the tracks. You were supposed to start cooking the chicken 2 hours ago for a mindtrap tense first meeting with your new girlfriends parents. You're going to get off the train. Run to the shop. Buy a Tesco Value Chicken, whack some tomato passata on it and call it done.

Cooking should be a pleasure

The only outcome of this would be food poisoning for the parents or 2 hours of small talk with her father about the current state of the dollar compared to the pound. There is a way around this happening, and this is where Mellow comes in. Mellow is the innovative and incredible new sous-vide machine from José Pinto Ferreira.

Mellow is a sous-vide machine that takes orders through your smartphone and keeps food cold until it's the exact time to start cooking. So no longer do you have to worry about your meat not being cooked correctly as Mellow will do it for you. The machine also learns how you like your food so the next time you are cooking a steak, Mellow makes sure that it is cooked just the way you like it. It's like having your own Ainsley Harriott in your pocket.

Choice 'cuts' about Mellow

Because it's controlled through your phone, and it can keep your food at refrigerator temperatures, Mellow fits into your day seamlessly. No matter what's going on, you'll have amazing food ready to go.

Mellow was designed to be part of your daily routine. From the wireless smart control to the ability to keep your food at refrigerator temperatures, everything about Mellow was thought to make your life easier without compromising on your food’s taste or nutrition.

I need one. When can I buy?

Sadly, the machines are not on sale yet but it intends to be out on the market early next year. You can guarantee yourself one by pre-ordering now.


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