Everyone, from the overachievers to the less motivated, can relate to the new single from God-Des. Sometimes it feels like our careers are standing still, but the Oregon-based artist is here to remind us that our dreams are still worth fighting for. The new video shows a community coming together to support one of their own; watch it below.

“Wasting Time is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I think anyone with a huge dream can relate to this song. I wrote it from a very personal place about how hopeless it can feel when you have a big dream that has not been realized. Dreams and reality don't often align and this song demonstrates that struggle. The song features my 14 year old niece on the cello, Greg Kramer on the trombone and musician Bitch on the violin. Shout out to all my dreamers!” – God-Des

Her credentials make clear that God-Des knows her way around a hip-hop beat. She channels ‘90s influences in “Wasting Time,” spitting lines about everyday life. Like any good rapper, she talks about success in terms of her mom and beats herself up about not getting there quickly enough. But then, as God-Des describes her growing profile—performing to more than ten people! getting a radio hit! touring with Macklemore!—the titular line takes on a new meaning. Sure, being an artist can feel like wallowing in obscurity, but with perseverance, dreams can come true.

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