Label: Tin Angel Release date: 21/09/09 Website: Buy: Amazon This review took far too long to write and that's actually a back-handed compliment to the artists. Don't Move!'s album The New Pop Sounds Of: Don't Move! (release date: 21st September 2009) has so many things about it to not like. And yet it's also a very likeable work. This Coventry-based four-piece have made something that is capable of confusing and astounding with the same stroke. Comparisons come far too easily and they roll off the page like this: Track 1. Birdsish guitars Track 3. Holliesesque Track 4. Sung by a David Bowie tribute act (c. Laughing Gnome) And so the likenesses could go on and on, but I think it's important, in this instance, to stand back and take the work in the context that it has been produced, and not regard it as some kind of tribute to late 60s London (the thought of which fills me with horror!). The lyrics are plain and simple; in places it is almost as if someone has found a diary and is reading straight from the writer's heart. I love this basic approach to framing the scenes. There's no denying that the musical content is firmly rooted in the days of yore; puzzling that a collective of such musical talent has chosen to lean so heavily on the past. The track Roomful of Tears stands head and shoulders above most of the other works in The New Pop Sounds Of: Don't Move!, but, frankly, just looking at the title causes me great pain. The sound of this album is not 'new', these sounds have been done decades before. So I'm either missing something blindingly obvious or this is a title straight out of the drawer marked ‘purely ironic’. However the songs are good and well constructed, the lyrics tell a tale, the production is competent, the musicianship is borderline excellent and the singing is heartfelt. So what's to dislike here? Not too much. Don't Move! and their debut album The New Pop Sounds Of: Don't Move! (release date: 21st September 2009) is worth adding to your collection. And if you're too tight to buy it yourself, stick it on your birthday list. You might not love it when you get it, but I guarantee that before long you'll be enjoying it! Rating: 6/10