There's a donut for everyone, right? Maybe it's a fat, jam-filled one, or an intricately decorated artisan donut from a specialty baker. The Marlin Network, in collaboration with Bruton Stroube Studios, have taken this as the basis for this year's invite to their breakfast event at an industry trade show. Combining still life portraits with a simple video, the Donut Doubles project pairs a range of people with the donut that best represents them.

That's how a post-fight boxer is paired with a burst jam donut, whilst a bearded, beanie-wearing hipster is compared with what appears to be a chocolate eclair. The donuts, which were created by Strange Donuts, certainly look delicious, and Bruton Stroube have utilised bold colours to create really engaging images. So engaging, that the video used to promote the event keeps the still images and uses subtle parallax effects and motion graphics to add a hint of movement.

This isn't the first time The Marlin Network have teamed up with Bruton Stroube either. For previous events they've tackled the themes Breakfast Interrupted and Breakfast and Burlesque. Both videos are worth a watch if you want to see how a foodie event should really be marketed.