Label: Lex Release date: 01/10 Website: Daniel Dumile, formerly MF DOOM (please, all caps when you use the man’s name – an overused joke that still rings true) and now DOOM, had an auspicious year. A teaser EP for his last album, Born Like This, leaked back in February and soon the disc came out on the web almost a month before release date. Unlike his previous efforts, the album was tepid – his lyrics were still amazing, but the beats were either a little half-baked or not his. Unlike the amazing Madvillainy, the Madlib produced track lacked the immediate sparkle, and lead single ‘Gazillion Ear’ used a backing produced by the late great J Dilla. The track remains one of the best things on the album, and Lex (along with Doom, one would imagine) sees that. Now we are given a disc that is surpasses his last full length in quality while clocking in at under half the length of that LP. By now any fan of DOOM has heard the first track (and those people will know that I need not discuss the lyrics, as Dumile shows his mastery of English as a playground here), the basic album version of the song. And if you shelled out the bucks early for the iTunes version, the Thom Yorke remix that serves as track two is no new thing either. While Yorke’s Eraser style low synths and clicky drums mix with classic DOOM style stops, the remix just feels like a Thom Yorke song. It isn’t bad, it isn’t good, it’s just OK – it’s not anything like his debut, it’s more like the chaff from the Spitting Out Feathers mini-LP/EP/whatever you call it, it was in Japan only so it’s not really well known. As a fan of both artists, I know that Yorke would normally know better than to just put an a cappella on an old track of his, but that’s what it seems like. At least it’s only four minutes long, just long enough for you to make a sandwich and get into the meat of the EP. Dr. Who Dat?’s remix fares the best, turning the song into a trunk rattling combination of loops and ambience. Impeccably mixed, this remix is sadly relegated to this EP as Jay Dee obviously drums up more attention. Rounding out the remixes, Dave Sitek’s jangly percussion and horn driven remix is a nice curio worth listening to multiple times, but isn’t anything as great as the Who Dat? mix. In comparison to the original, and to some extent DOOM’s beats on Born Like This, his new instrumental ‘The.Green.W***e.Net’ sets a high water mark. Built around a jaunty organ riff and a solid drum loop, the short song recalls the top moments of MM..FOOD? and a small dose of Dilla himself. All in all, DOOM has not put out a bad thing, and has shown that his own new instrumentals are far better than they were for his last album. Hopefully with the promise of a new Madvillain album and a superb new DOOM mix (hosted on and his MySpace), Dumile can pull himself out of this single release slump. Gazillion Ear has thrown out the lifesaver. Now all he has to do is grab it. Rating 7.5/10