Listen to the new track by Doseone taken from the forthcoming album, G is for Deep (artwork above/below).

'Last Life' is taken from Adam Drucker's seventh solo effort which will most likely be released on the label he co-founded, Anticon. As well as his work under the Doseone moniker, Drucker is also better known for his work in bands such as Themselves, cLOUDDEAD and Subtle.

G is for Deep is out May 29th and you can listen to 'Last Life' below.


  • 1 Dancing X
  • 2 Last Life
  • 3 I Fell
  • 4 Thy Pattern
  • 5 Therapist This
  • 6 End&Egg
  • 7 OwlShark
  • 8 SEE Answer
  • 9 Arm in Armageddon
  • 10 The Bends