I will no longer be referring to the music industry as a "boys club." The term basically lessons and disintegrates much of the misogynist and oftentimes dangerous things that the over-whelming amount of men in music put their female peers through, chalking it up to a casual "boys will be boys" excuse instead. But those days are over and more than ever, men are being held accountable for their actions.

Take electronic music DJ Justin James for example, the idiot-stick who posted a disgusting list of sexist requirements that female DJs must fulfill if they "wish" to accompany him on tour, in a now deleted post on the Facebook group called 'Support FEMALE DJs.' He states that women must be a certain weight, have a certain amount of likes, and be ultimately "attractive" if they're looking to work with this "seasoned" douchebag. He also said that if people wanted to hire talented DJs, they would just hire men.

Unfortunately, James' misogynistic views make up a way larger picture of pressures, inequality and restrictions for female artists and DJs.

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