Sound the alarms, Sky Ferreira is back. I repeat, Sky Ferreira is back. Following a six-year period of near-silence (from making music) and the constant tease of her highly— and I mean highly—anticipated sophomore album Masochism, Ferreira’s newest single ‘Downhill Lullaby,’ fulfills this void with a sound that often feels like a void. But that does not mean it is without emotion. In fact, it weeps with incomprehensible sadness, hence the track title and strikingly dark imagery of abuse: “You ripped me open, then you kiss me / Blue lips and roses that you left me.”

Having already perfected a peculiar mix of depressed dance pop with her last album, ‘Downhill Lullaby’ sees Ferreira show off her eclectic songwriting abilities with a sound that is paradoxically sad and introverted, proving that she can devise a slow burn beaut in the most forlorn manner imaginable.

Across a haunting five minutes and 32 seconds, each and every moment of this self-proclaimed “pop song” stuns and broods to the nth power. Beautifully remindful of Joy Division's ‘The Eternal’ (Yes, I will go there, she may be the only person alive worthy of this often-abused comparison) with its sturdy and cryptic bassline, ‘Downhill Lullaby’ seeps into Anna von Hausswolff-lite territory with moody, haunting convulsions of strings, which lend the track an enrapturing neo-classical gothic touch. Simply put, the return of Sky Ferreira is everything we could have hoped for.

Listen to the jaw-dropping slow burner above and follow Ferreira on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.