To say Lil' B is prolific is a fairly wondrous understatement. Since debuting his first mixtape S.S. Mixtape Vol. 1 (With Young L) in 2007, Lil B has released over 40(!) mixtapes, seven studio albums, numerous music videos, documentaries, and even conducted a lecture at NYU.

And unless you've been collecting from the beginning, getting all the material seemed to be a fairly daunting task. Until today! Reddit user smoke070 released all of Lil B's material - roughly 45GB - in separated torrents.

The simple, enthusiastic user proclaimed, "I HAVE MADE HISTORY!!!! 45GB OF BASED GOD MEDIA. COLLECT AND SHARE LIL B MUSIC AND HIS ART."

If you aren't a Reddit user, FACT has all listed all the information available to dive into. Otherwise, follow the links below for the motherload of Lil B goodies.