You remember as a very young kid when you would get jacked up on a myriad of (probably now-banned) colour agents, speed around the shopping aisles away from the draconian parenting dictatorship and try and run as fast as the sound of a washing machine? Born Gold is that.

They're an outfit that has respawned from the Canada-based Gobble Gobble, and 'Decimate Everything' is a glorious hyperactive mess of high-tempo glitchy pop-synth. Though somewhat paradoxically given the chasm in style, the track bears a faint passing resemblance to Radiohead's 'Scatterbrain'. Seriously, listen real close you hear? Ironic given that the track is taken form the mind from an obvious scatterbrain.

Debut EP Bodysongs is to be released on Crash Symbols and also Born Gold’s own label, Hovercraft, on September 20th. For now, download the below track.

Decimate Everything by Born Gold