Stop doing what you’re doing. Take a deep breath, press play and just listen. Gem Club’s new single, 'Twins', deserves the whole of your attention. Somehow both luscious and sparse at the same time, you can easily get lost in these four minutes of enchantment.

The combination of piano, cello and minimal percussion that sounds like it’s coming from a very long way away, somehow evokes the stillness of dawn after staying up all night contemplating everything. “I think too much. I want to lie still, near you, near you,” is indicative of the poetically simple lyrics sung with such longing as to make me feel I’ve just bid the love of my life adieu. I’ve already strayed too far into adulation, but trust me, this really is transcendentally beautiful.

Breakers, their debut full length album, is released 27th September 2011 on Hardly Art Records.

Gem Club - Twins by hardlyartrecords