Michael Schwartz is a rapper and relation of Jamie Lee Curtis from the original Halloween film. For those of you haven't seen the film I won't spoil it for you but let's just say a character called Michael Myers plays an important role.

Being white, obvious comparisons will be made with Eminem and although traces of his influence are certainly evident, Myerz can be more relevantly associated with the current Odd Future craze.

His mixtape release Nightmare From The 90s is loaded with pop culture references from the decade. Nerdy raps about Hey Arnold and Street Fighter are splattered together with more introspective violent themes and OJ Simpson name dropping. The production throughout the mixtape is distinctly lo-fi. Simple piano loops and muffled snares occasionally interrupted by tv show samples.

We wouldn't ask you to try searching Google for a guy with a triangle in his name so listen to Hey Arnold below and you can download the whole mixtape from Bandcamp here.

MICH∆EL MYERZ - Nightmare From The 90's - 05 Hey Arnold (feat. Carl Miller) by MICHΔEL MYERZ