Noise Trade have begun a new series of live music they are naming the Eastside Manor Sessions. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the Manor is exactly that, a large house converted into a studio and production complex.

The first invited guest for these new sessions is Caitlin Rose. Back in March, she release her third album The Stand-In to universal high praise and for her visit to the studio, she and her hand-picked band work through new version of select tracks from the record, plus European-only B-side 'No More Lonely'.

The whole session has been filmed and you can watch it below. However, Noise Trade is also offering the recording as a free download. You are encouraged to 'tip' Ms Rose, from a buck to twenty five dollars, which can be seen as an un-official rating system or a measure of how much change you have in your pocket.

Caitlin Rose will be at the End Of The Road festival in August and has a couple of UK dates booked for September.