In a bit of a contrast to last year's light pink offering, Ryan Hemsworth has curated a different collection of music for his friends-only-not-a-label Secret Songs series that's a little bit of a surprise. Last year we got the cutesy shh#ffb6c1, the seemingly random letters and numbers after the "#" being a hex code, which is how colours 'work' on the web, I guess. This time around it's #000000, which as we all know is black. Learn your hexes, Harry!

Suiting the mood of this darker and much more solemn colour, we have some atmospheric fragmented beats from Beat Culture, a menacing drone attack by Fifty Grand, and some pulsing sleep-deprived electronics courtesy of Fever Trails. You can download it directly from SoundCloud all for free or (also free) from the nifty Secret Songs site.

Listen below!