The sons of Dr. Dre and Eazy-E are set to attempt to cash in on their fathers legacies by touring as the Sons of N.W.A, aka N.W.A Resurrected, which is exactly what it sounds like; the children of N.W.A covering the songs of N.W.A for some reason. They're not burying the lead what so ever, using super imaginative stage names like Dre Jr, Eazy-E Jr, and Eazy-E Jr II, they're looking to tour across Europe this summer, and will probably play for whoever willing to take a second rate/second generation version of the iconic hip hop group. Their line-up does feature at least one original N.W.A member, but no, it's not Ice Cube, it's DJ Yella. So we at least know that he isn't above appearing in a glorified tribute act.

Stream a clip of their 'Straight Outta Compton' remake below.

Source: Noisey