It seems like Beats Music isn't the only thing Dr. Dre has been up to. He's suing his former record label (that he co-founded) Death Row Records for 3 million dollars in unpaid royalties. It was filed in December and claims that they owe Dre $1,179,913 for digital sales, $1,200,386.57 for unpaid artist/producer royalties, and $676,444.44 for mechanical royalties. All of that money comes from albums sold after Death Row Records filed for bankruptcy back in 2006 when he sued them the first time for the rights to The Chronic and its unpaid royalties. Oh, and he sued them in 2010 as well, over the same reason but for the unauthorized re-release of that classic album. He's clearly not happy with them at all.

All of the court documents can be found over at Radar Online if you're curious.

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