DRÆMINGS has developed quite the follow around Los Angeles, where the four-piece is well known for its elaborate set design and exhilarating performance. But on the group's new single, 'I Could Be Your Man,' DRÆMINGS offers a touching celebration of gender fluidity and one's ability to express themselves however they choose.

Featuring a set of pulsing, moody synths and some atmospheric guitar, vocalist Kimi Recor muses upon the social construction of gender and the freedom that comes from choosing to identify outside of the binary options that were exclusively available for so long.

"I grew up in a world that was full of those little checkmark boxes," explains Recor. "When I kissed my first girl and realized that my sexuality was more fluid than I realized, the bisexual box got checked.

"Even now, in a time when the world is painfully expanding at a rapid pace, people are still trying to squeeze everyone into a box or force a label on them," Recor says. "Everyone needs to be defined. But, sometimes, those labels don’t fit or what labels do fit change. It’s beautiful that we have words like nonbinary, genderqueer, and pansexual. I love that there are words that people can use to describe themselves if they so choose, or if it makes them feel less alone or more understood. Words can be powerful in that way. But I get uncomfortable when people are forced into a box. Are you male or female? Are you gay or straight? If you’re not any of those, then what are you? I think humans are fluid and consistently evolving, and I wish that there wasn’t always that pressure to wear a label or define yourself."

According to Recor, 'I Could Be Your Man' is "about living your truest identity, however fluid it may be...about embracing yourself as a human, a perfectly imperfect entity that is allowed to change..." and "it’s about accepting those around you and loving them for who they are, not for the the box they check."

You can stream DRÆMINGS' 'I Could Be Your Man' up above. The band is planning on releasing a new EP sometime next year. In the meantime, California-based readers should be sure to check DRÆMINGS out at Alex's Bar on Aug. 26 during the Happy Sundays festival in Long Beach, Calif. This is a band you should not miss out on.