Earlier this spring, an unfinished version of a mystery Drake and Beyoncé collaborated track leaked online, without either artist choosing to comment on the single's intended purpose or future. But time passed, rap beefs and headlining festival-slots supervened, and the leak was nearly forgotten amongst the eventful summer. Five months later however, Drake has officially revitalised and polished the record, which he chose to officially premiere this weekend during his OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music's Beats 1. 'Can I' featuring Beyoncé is a seductive interlude-esque delivery with Drake's bold quotables molded around a sample of Bey robotically repeating "Can I, baby?" for just under two minutes.

Only swirling rumours can predict whether the track is intended for Drake's upcoming album Views From the 6, which he's promised fans an "imminent" release, yet it remains a strong possibility since their last Houstan x Toronto collaboration, 'Mine' in 2013, landed on Bey's surprise album. But for two of the biggest radio-revered and fan-favored artists of the times, 'Can I' is a half-hearted appetizer. A symbolic interlude rather that one fitted for an album. A chess move leading into the last quarter of the year.

For one, it just so happens that the collaborative single was delivered on the very first episode of OVO Sound following the expiration of Apple Music's free three-month trial this past week. Although it comes as no surprise that Drake pulled another sonic rabbit out of his hat to ensure that numbers for the streaming service wouldn't drastically deplete now that fans will be paying out of pocket for the experience, it was an unexpected move to include Beyoncé in the mix, as the pop diva is an artist aligned with Tidal. Although the Beyhive may be annoyed that their queen's role was delimited to merely repeating "baby" and "can I" in excess throughout the track, it's almost certain that Bey's minimalist favour may have earned her husband's streaming service a nod in the future. A Drizzy appearance at their upcoming Tidal X show perhaps?

Although 'Can I' may be a hastily packaged gift, we'll take the collaborations from music's heavy-hitters in their journey to navigating through trial-less streaming and upcoming album releases. Drake has an album dropping. Bey has a rumoured album in the works. And Apple Music's Beats 1 and Tidal can continue pulling out the stops to ensure we stay interested.