Stylist Michael Raphael, a former employee of Drake, is suing over apparent unpaid services.

According to TMZ, which broke the story, Raphael was hired by Drake for around $50,000 to design a platinum-studded necklace for his October's Very Owl fashion label. He claims that Drake replicated the design to make several unsolicited extra copies for his friends, which would violate copyright laws. Raphael is issuing the suit through his jewelry company Baden Baden Inc.

This is the second lawsuit issued by Raphael to Drake, who previously claimed that he was owed roughly $76,000 for various discrepancies. In that previous suit, Raphael argued that Drake's party stopped paying him by December of last year, only four months after he was hired at a monthly rate of over $39,000 to help in the design, direction, and other various responsibilities with the clothing company.

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