Today, lucky stateside Drake fans will be able to become smiling, talking, crying, walking, living billboards for his forthcoming LP Nothing Was The Same.

Pop-up shops will be springing up at ALIFE at 158 Rivington St. in New York, one at 507 N. Fairfax in Los Angeles, and another at 1000 Queen Street West in Toronto. They're only open today and there's more info on the OVO blog.

To console those who might not be able to make it to the special OVO stores, watch Drake perform 'Too Much' with Sampha below on Fallon.

UPDATED: A fight reportedly broke out outside Drake's New York branch of "Compliments of the Company" stores according to Complex.

The fight allegedly led to the New York pop-up shop being shut down, according to the report. An Alife employee, working where the pop-up shop was set to be held, reportedly told a crowd about the fight. Later, it was stated that a separate employee let waiting customers know that "the Drake thing is off," as per Complex's report.

However, a different employee of Alife later reportedly told Complex that a fight did not take place.

"There was no fight," the employee said. "That was just a rumor. We ran out of shirts and needed to clear the line."

Approximately eight police officers, four police squad cars and an ambulance were on the scene to deal with potential crowd control issues. Police officers on the scene also denied that a fight took place, as per Complex's report. The plot thickens.